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My Precious Son Allan was Born in Southport in the United Kingdom on Saturday February 26, 1977. 

24th July 1977
Baptised Allan John Paul Tomlin
The Parish Church of St Philip, Southport.
An Inheritor Of the Kingdom Of Heaven
Nursery with santa at Christmas Time

Allan First School Photo Age 5

Allan Age 10 on Mum and Step Dad Billy's Wedding day 22nd may 1987


Allan got knocked down by car and hurt his arm 
Allan moved away from home with his then girlfriend Cindy to start a new life in Bedford at the age of 21 years old. 

Allan moved back home to Southport in December, we all had a great Christmas together Mum, Billy, Allan and BJ.
In Febuary Allan moved to Blackpool and stayed with his Auntie Dawn for a while till he got a Job and some were to live.
May 22 2002 Delia & Billy Anniversary Party Last Party

My precious Allan John Paul Tomlin Passed Away in the early hours of Tuesday September 17th 2002 in his sleep at the Young age of 25 Years Old.
Leaving behind a devasted family, who will love and miss him forever.


Allan's Funeral 11.30 am Thursday 26th September 2002 at Southport Crematorium. Officiant Rev'd Phil Green

October 11th 2002 Allan's Ashes Were Buried

Book Of Rememberance Southport Crematorium
A tree was planted in memory of Allan at BJ's school
The Royal School for the Deaf in Manchester
A Plague was put under the tree 


Allan became a angel and went to live in heaven
2002 Allan's Headstone was Put Up In Time For Christmas

2002 Christmas

2003 We Had The Little Garden Added


September 17 2005

2005 Christmas

25th february 2006 3pm
25th February 2006 3 pm
25th February 2006 3pm
25th February 2006 3PM
Sunday 17th September 2006

26th February 2007 My Beautiful Son Allan's 30th Birthday

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